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We have downloaded, and tested these apps for the iPod Touch, which are currently used in our K - 12 classrooms. 

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                                  iPod Touch Apps                            

App  Suggested Grade Level  Suggestions for use in the classroom  Cost?

ABC Phonics

K- 1st Letter recognition, ABC order, Spelling $0 


 My First Words 

K- 1st  Beginning Readers, or ESL students and parents (can change settings, & record words for playback) $0


     ABC Tracing

K-1st  Trace each letter by following a train. (Settings: change color, disable sound, change animation speed, pencil size, letter line size and create tracing worksheets)  $0 



3rd - 5th Review Parts of Speech with fun songs, and examples $0
3rd - 12th Enhance spelling skills, and making words from groups of letters $0 



3rd - 12th Define words/vocabulary used in all classrooms $0 



3rd - 7th  Review moon phases, plants & animals, photosynthesis  $0 


      101 Science

6th - 7th Review with short quizzes, Physics, General Science, Earth Science & Biology $0 



5th-12th VA SOL 5.5 - Parts of animal, plant, bacteria cells (can rotate cells) $0 



6th- 7th grade Touch planets (pronunciations provided) place planets in order, Spell names, Black Hole & Matching games review understanding $0


    On This Day 

All grades  History/Events Review, (Make student's Birthday's special, need to know Month and Day) $0


    Oregon Trail  

All grades

VA SOL - USI.8 Western Expansion

Lite is free 


7th grade VA USI.7 - US Presidents & White House, 3rd - Famous People $0

     AR War

6th grade VA USI.6 - Revolutionary War $0 

   Civil War

7th grade VA USI.9 $0
    3rd - 12th 7 Continents, locating Greece, Rome, Spain, France; Locate US States, US Cities, South American, African, European, and Asian Countries. Also locate French departments, and World flags. Lite is free

Stack The States 

3rd - 12th Facts about States, and recognition of State by shape Lite is free 



3rd - 7th Review and Practice Math Facts (settings: addition, subtraction, multiply and/or divide.  Also, Difficulty level from Easy to Einstein) $0


    Mad Math

3rd - 7th (settings: biggest number, problem type, number type, number of flashcards, and allow negative numbers by touching "on/off" box)  $0 


    Pizza Math 

3rd - 7th Fraction Review/Practice - Shake iPod to change fraction $0 


    Kid's Clock 

2nd - 4th  VA Math SOL 3.1 (Leader boards available, see the analog clock and match to digital) $0 


     Alien Math 

1st - 3rd  (Setup: Counting, Addition, Subtraction, & Advanced = more challenging questions)  Lite version is free



7th - 12th  Algebra study aid - more like a dictionary for algebra.  $0 

   Coin Flip Free 

Everyone  Teaching Probability?  Use this app to Flip the Coin  $0


3rd - 7th  (Available decks on free version - Florida iScience Course 1- 3 ) $0 


   Animals 360 

K - 12th  Study of Animals (photos, quizzes, tour & puzzle available.  Shake for sound & to change puzzle)  $0 


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